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The wooden beard comb by The Beard Armour is an exclusively saw-cut and polished beard comb designed to effortlessly glide through even the thickest and coarsest of beards, and help keep your beard looking neat and tidy at all times. This unique beard comb is crafted using wood rather than plastic to ensure long life and maximum durability, as well as eliminating any possibility of static. The polished finish of the wood provides a silky combing experience, massaging the hairs without tugging or breakage which results in a luscious beard free of stray hairs, dust and dead cells. The smooth teeth facilitates and stimulates the release of natural oils which keep your beard naturally shiny, strong and healthy. The beard comb by The Beard Armour is versatile, suited for either a quick comb or for applying beard oils or beard balms as part of your beard care routine. Its small size and portability allows for a quick groom to keep you looking your smartest at all times. It’s the one item you can keep on you at all times as your must-have item in your beard care arsenal.


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How to use

Step 1

Start by combing the beard from the bottom and coming upwards and outward. This process should begin at the neck and work towards the cheeks and chin.

By combing this way you will separate all the facial hair so the beard appears fuller.

Step 2

There is a possibility you will run into some snags in your beard while combing it. Don’t try to tug and pull at them.

Instead, slowly and gently come through the snag. Usually, those snags are just a few hairs crossed one over the other.

Beard oil is a great way to deal with snags, and when used in combination with a comb, it can help easier comb sliding through your beard.

Step 3

Once the entire beard has been brushed upwards, now begin combing the beard down so that you can style it in the manner you like.

Step 4

Don’t forget to comb that mustache off to the sides and away from your mouth.

Step 5

Never comb your beard too aggressively and also avoid passing the comb very fast through your facial hair.

The proper technique is to comb the beard gently and slowly.


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